Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hey Tanner!!!

So, Cassandra and I heard a rumor that a little boy in Arkansas loves to look at pictures of Monkeys Wearing Glasses. In response to this we decided to dedicate an entire blog to this cute young man. Enjoy Tanner!!

And then there is this picture...I know it's not a monkey wearing glasses but I thought it was hilarious and I hope that Tanner thinks the same...
We love you Tanner!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Guys....seriously....I have been meaning to post for a LONG time, but Zach just keeps beating me to the punch. I finally have some time and my flash drive and a computer all at the same time. the planets must be aligned. So, here are some pictures I have been meaning to share:

The beautiful roses Tiffany and James sent me on my birthday last month on our kitchen table. Evidently I have inherited my mother's brown thumb...but, I was able to keep them alive for almost two weeks.

Here is a picture of the doe Zach got back in's sort of dark, but you get the idea. She was tender and VERY tasty thanks to the Curtis family marinade.

This is a picture of Lindsay and Mom and Dad at the Yoder family's farm in Berlin, Ohio (A.K.A. Amish Country). My mom was so excited she nearly wet her trousers a couple of times that day. Not only were there trad. crafts all over the place, but later in the day we also found a yarn store in downtown Parkersburg where they have spinning wheels and teach spinning classes. She was "so sited" to quote baby kole.

Zach and I really enjoyed their stay and it was really fun to get together with Lindsay and Matthre. I thank God everyday that He knew it would be hard for me to move so far away from home and let me have my sister not too far away for a little while. I'll miss Lindsay and Matt a lot when it's time for them to go, but I know God has a greater adventure in store for them than this crazy PA jazz. love you all.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The New Damien Rice CD!!

Okay, for everyone that doesnt know or even doesnt care, the new Damien Rice CD came out today! I am like a giddy school boy whos so excited for the first day of school because he has just found out that he is in the call room of the teach he's always wanted. Yes, it's that exciting. My friends called me at 9:45 AM and told me to meet them at the bottom of my drive way and that they weren't going to stop so I had to jump in the car. So I ran down there and they weren't there yet so I started jogging toward their house. Little did I know, they were coming down another road and by the time I saw them I was calling Eric and the convesation went something like this..... Eric "Hello" Zach "Hey! I'm up the road from you...I started walking toward your apartment." Eric "What!? What road are you on?" Zach "Emerson or Rosemare, I'm not sure." Eric "Hahahaha!" Zach "I see you. Come out of my driveway and don't stop when you get to the road...I'll be there!" I then proceeded to sprint toward them, cathing them at the end of the driveway and yes, we never stopped moving. After we laughed for 2 or 3 hours we ran in to the store and grabbed 3 copies of one of the best CDs known to man. All this, and it was only 10 Am. We then went to my apartment and listened to the CD while Adam was doing homework, Eric was playing Cabelas Deer Hunter, and I was making coffee. Non of the 3 that I have spoken of missed one minute of class. Today is a good day....I think we all know that.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Our Weekend

Cassandra and I went to visit my family this weekend and we had so much fun. We really like to be with family and to spend time strengthening relationships. We got in late friday night and sat around the living room, visiting with my parents. We ended up sleeping in Saturday morning and having a nice big breakfast when we got up. Dad and I went hunting for the evening while Cassandra and Mom did their "crafty" things (they were getting things ready for Thanksgiving). Kole Grayson came out to spend the night Saturday and we had so much fun with him. He is totally a hand-full but so animated that you can't help but love him. After church Sunday we took a long nap followed by some yard work. Our Grandmother came out for a small birthday party where we indulged in glorious pizza and cake...both made with alcohol because it's my 21st birthday! (Just kidding on the alcohol part the rest of the story is true....just not the alcohol). Now we are getting ready to head back to our house and get ready for another week of school. It was a fun weekend and we are going to head back to Mannington next weekend for a wedding party at the church.(Yah more gifts!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nov. 1, by James Zachary Haugh

Zach and Cassandra Rock!!
It seems that Cassandra and I have the same time to get on a computer and write a new blog. So, sorry there are two exciting blogs to read on the same day (I know kindda overwhelming).

I took my first deer of the season last week. It was a moderatly sized doe and it took a good bit of tracking to find, but in the end Cassandra and I had the best meat ever. I think I have finaly been able to get Cassandra to enjoy eating deer meat. It was a good day for everyone one involved. (P.S. thats not me in the picture...)

Soccer is over now and you would think that things would slow down, tricked you! It's still just as busy around here and thats not always a bad thing. We are watching the days fly by and missing our family memebers all over.
We miss every single one of you in this picture...and for those that couldn't make it to this photo shoot, we miss you too!

Tanner is fun and so are wallabees

Tanner's 2nd birthday was a couple weeks ago and Zach and I sent him some books with my mom and dad when they went back to little rock. We sent a small library of animal books and a book called Courdoroy's Best Halloween Ever...From one October baby to her favorite October baby. So, Tanner calls me yesterday to say thank you for his presents and it was the sweetest thing EVER!

He said "Corduroy! Yeah!" and he called the animal books his "little books" and when he talked about Corduroy he said "Ooooo" like a ghost and he was just so excited, it made me want to buy him things all the time. :) I guess I'm just missing my Tanner Pants a little bit...

Here's another precious story about T.K.... Stephanie takes him to the library really often because the Jonesboro downtown library is really neat. They have story time and for Halloween they had everyone come for storytime dressed up in costumes. Tanner was a surfer. He wore a little hawaiian shirt and swim trunks. He wore 2 leis around his neck and sunglasses. His daddy made him a surfboard out of fiberglass and put two red racing stripes down it. Tanner walked around all day wearing his sunglasses and pointing to them and saying, "dark, dark." Stephanie also taught him to say Cowabunga dude, which actually comes out "'Bunga Dude." Precious.

And since I finally got the wedding pictures printed, I have some I can put up of my special little boy.

I miss you Tanner. See you in a few months.
love, love, love.

Sidenote: I have finally received the shoes I have been waiting to get since I was in 8th grade...
WALLABEES! Zach bought them for me for my birthday with a little help from Grandmommie and my Aunt Lisa. Yeah, they're that expensive. But, they are also that awesome! Anyway, I love them and I guess the wait was worth it.