Monday, October 23, 2006

If the printer is not working...

This is a message on the white board in our computer lab... "If the printer is not working for you then 9x's ut you're out of prints. You'll have to wait until next semester to print again. Sorry for the inconvenience. -workstudy P.S. check the paper just incase!!" I think we all know why that is important to everyone reading this.

(This is our computer workstudy)

I know that there is a demand for the happy birthday pumpkin and it will soon be up but for now here is something to tide you over...


=Happy Birthday Pumpkin

I understand that I personlly do not give you very much information on whats happening in our life but lets get really this stuff is more fun.

Try to connect all 9 dots, with 4 straight lines, without lifting your finger (or as we in WV like to say "fanger").

Rut-Nov. 8

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome To The Thunderdome...

Go ahead and ask my why I picked this title. I don't know. Today is my wife's Birthday!!! It's a great day for celebrating. Last night I carved a "Happy Birthday" pumpkin for her and gave it to her at midnight. I think it could quite possibly be the coolest thing that I have ever made. And rightfully so seeing as it was giving to the coolest person I know.

I just thought this was a funny picture...

Ok now really this is what its all about... in the words of my infamous nephew...SHOOT BIG BUCK!

This is the world's largest birthday cake and I made it for Cassandra in our baby oven. It took sometime but with the help of some fearless friends (Adam and Eric) we made it work...I love You Cassandra!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

soccer is NOT fun.

well, Zach is in Virginia today playing soccer. We got up at 4:30 this morning so he could be at the school to leave with the team at 5am. For Matthew and Lindsay this is no big deal...but, it was a BIG deal to us. We layed all Zach's clothes out the night before, planned what he would have for breakfast, and double-checked the alarm clock. Neither one of us slept very well because we both kept waking up waiting for the alarm to go off. So, he took off this morning and I talked to him a few minutes ago...The Fighting Scots lost 3 to 1 to a team they have not played so well against in the past. I consider it a victory. But, Zach got hurt again. A jerk on the other team stepped on his knee and hyper-extended it. It takes a lot for Zach to complain about an injury and he just kept telling me how bad it hurts. I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon anxiously awaiting his arrival and refilling ice cube trays.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Nephews are fun!

This is a picture of me and Zach with our nephew Tanner Vance, my sister's son right before we left little rock for parkersburg. He is going to be a big brother in January and we'll have one more nephew...maybe named Easton Jones.

I guess I'm all about fun lately. Here's a picture of our nephew, Kole Greyson who wears his sunglasses at night. We had so much fun with Kole and Megan last weekend...they stayed with us in the apartment. Kole will be 3 in November. Here's a picture Kole took of his mommy when he got a hold of my camera.

Camping is Fun!

Here are the very belated pictures I promised weeks ago...

This is me and Zach at the New River Gorge.

In the background you can see the bottom of the Western hemisphere's longest arch bridge.

And there's a full-on shot to help convey the massiveness that is the New River Gorge. Listen, this is nothin'.

This is me and Zach before we started taking hallucenagenic drugs on our camping trip that made my pictures turn out this way.

P.S. I've got a GOOD-LOOKIN' husband.

S.I.S. kids, don't do drugs... it makes wal-mart ruin your camping prints.

Here I am...being safe before starting my first 5.7 on the Beer Wall at the New River Gorge.

Ironic, huh Haughs? Yay! Beer wall!

Good Luck Climb Kiss. He's good at those.