Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 months in 5 minutes...

I have about 5 minutes between clients to post some pictures. We have a ton of pictures but this is a quick look at the last 5 months. There has been so much to go on and our lives are crazy. We both go non stop so it's hard to keep this site updated.

So after my last blog about deer hunting....

I shot another deer at dad's property

Dad and Uncle Randy both shot deer

I caught a huge rainbow trout

Cass caught a fish or two

Cass made some great treats

We got snow

We began renting a house with a pond/lake

I finally got a picture of the house ( I am more excited about the pond so I only took pictures of it, not the house)

Graham fell asleep

I went jug fishing


This is Sawyer! She is the best thing.

Okay my 5 minutes went a little long but there is so much more to our lives. This was just a highlight. If you really want to know how things are going, come visit us! We have a downstairs you can stay in and a ping pong table where I can beat you. My client is here...