Monday, June 30, 2008

Ganderbrook Begins!

Zach and I are here in Maine. We made it safe and sound after the 25 hour drive from Arkansas and an extra hour added for Connecticut traffic at 5 pm. We were welcomed with open arms and are sooooooo happy about being here and we know God is blessing this place and these campers. Here is a group picture we took on our day off to Two Lights State Park and the Lobstah Shack.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

We're in Italy and you're not so there...

Okay so that title is a little mean but lets get real, it's pretty stinking cool here. We left London on the 27th and rode the Chunnel to Paris We spent 4 days there and ate crepes
and spoke French. We then left and rode an over night train to Rome The train was neat because of the beds and the entire experiance and the fact that it took us to Rome. We've been here since and have done so many things its crazy. Our apartment is a stones throw from the Colosseum
Pretty cool I know. We went to Pompeii
today and are planning on heading back to the Vatican city tomorrow. We are going to Florence
on Sunday and then to Venice
, followed closely by Geneva
and then home to start our next big adventure south . That is all I can do for right now, sorry so short. We need to get to bed because tomorrow is another day filled with extremely old things that are new to us. Here are my final thoughts...