Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Cass on the lake

My first "over 3 inch fish" on a fly rod

18 inch Pickerel

Uncle Peter's 3lb 20 inch large mouth bass


Tatum and Emma holding our water balloons for a crazy game

Slip n Slide bowling

Kali and Emma

All the counselors (including Cass and I) singing the proper version of the Gander Brook song

Monday, July 14, 2008

I hope you enjoy the update

Camp has been so great! We love it here. The activities and games have been going great and the kids seem to be really enjoying it here. We've done so many things in the past few weeks that it's hard to fill you in on all of it , but here are some things....

Cassandra and I usually teach a Ropes Course merit badge everyday but this past week we were asked to teach an archery merit badge and it was a lot of fun. Here are some campers enjoying the mystical flight of the arrow.

As a reward for everyone passing their tests to receive their merit badge Cassandra and I filled the area with balloons and let them wack a couple.

This is after a round of arrows from our campers for their performance test. I'd like to say I think they did pretty well. I think thats 3 in the yellow from 15 yards.

There are so many more things that have happened and we have so many more pictures to put up but the pictures from our camera are to big so we have to figure out how to condense them so we can share more with everyone.

Now, on to one of the more important things... fishing.

This is the first Pickerel I've ever caught and I ended up catching one more that day.

I have more pictures of other big fish and I hope to get them on here soon.

Aside from that we have been to a Seadogs game and were asked to be part of the fun. We had a tricycle race and received prizes for our embarrassment. We went to Chuck e Cheese and the new Cabela's, and this was all on one of our days off. It's been great and I hope that the next blog will be a ton of pictures and videos.