Monday, March 24, 2008

Just a Little Smile

Here is a little blast from the past. My 3-year-old nephew Tanner does not mind being the center of attention and here is a video I took of him when he was still a little guy. He wasn't even talking yet, but he was dancing. And that is my dad's voice in the background encouraging him. I posted this video because I miss Tanner Pants and his crazy antics. I hope it makes you giggle a little.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mommy and Me

Steve and I had a family outing this afternoon. Zach left his phone at home today, so Steve and I drove out to Mountwood State Park to get it to him. We took a little walk along a cute shallow stream and talked about what a pretty day it was. And took a few pictures. It was a quality time spent together. I enjoyed it, I don't know about Steve.

This is the cute little stream and bridge.

This is my sweet puppy and his pretty smile in the car after our outing.

Steve wanted to splash around in the stream, he loved it.

Steve loved being able to roam freely and check out all the best pee-spots.

And here is a video of the stream for everyone to enjoy. I hope you get some serenity from the trickling sound.

Sorry the video is pretty bad. I didn't realize it until after I posted it. But the audio is calming, which is the point.