Sunday, November 02, 2008

The past month in a nutshell

We haven't updated recently a little because of lack of willingness but mainly due to lack of time. Our lives just get going and it seems hard to stop and let everyone know how we're doing. The next several blogs below are a small snap shot into the past month of our lives. There was so much more that went on but these are the event we got pictures from. Cassandra is still working hard and I am still making my trips to Searcy for school. I really love what I'm doing and my heart is ready to get out there and start working but I know my mind isn't there yet. That is what this schooling is for. I begin going into sessions with a co-therapist within the next week. It's exciting and scary at the same time. Between 12 page papers, presentations, and entire books to read in a couple days I have been hunting pretty hard. I had been hunting for over 2 weeks with out even a glimpse of a deer when one crazy Tuesday morning it all came together. To make a long story short I ended up seeing 4 deer, 3 of which were bucks. One of those bucks was a huge wall hanger and I missed him. Sad story but there is a good ending. 10 minutes after the miss a smaller 6-point walked in and within 20 minutes I was up to my shoulders in gut piles! I'll get some pictures up of the deer as soon as I get some because I had to be at school right after I shot him and I had no time to get any pictures. A more in depth story will come with pictures.

As for these next few blogs, I'll try to do my best at explaining most of the pictures...Yesterday Cassandra steve and I went to petit jean mountain and it was great! It was beautiful and I was able to fish and steve got a lot of exercise (maybe too much) and cassandra was able to take lots of pictures. We all loved it. There is a picture in there where steve was so hot and tired that we took a break and I fished while cassandra and steve laid by the water... well steve actually laid in the water which was pretty cute...he's still a lab at heart even if he can't run around like one. One of my favorite pictures is of steve in the car with his ears flying...he loves the back window open.

The next blog is of a crazy experience we had this morning. Cassandra took steve out to pee at 6am (we thought it was 7am b/c we forgot about the time change...o well) and there happened to be two young black puppies running around. They ran up to steve and cassandra grabbed steve so he wouldn't fight them. After a struggle she was able to get steve inside and I went out to look at the tags and call the owner. They wanted to play so bad I couldn't read the tag so I held one down and pulled his collar off and called the number and no one picked up. They hung out around our house for a little longer then wondered off.

Trunk or treat was great. Pat brought his big nice new Pilot and we play a movie in the car and had dry ice and candy and we were the best car ever!!! Cassandra was scary in one of those pictures. I was a hunter and cassandra was the deer.

The last blog is of cassandra's birthday party. It was so much fun. We played pin the tail on the TV and cassandra smashed up a pinata. We kind of cheated with the pin the tail thing. Then the following Saturday we went to the farmer's market and then walked on a bridge in Little Rock. We got to see the actual "little rock" the town is named after. It was fun. Then we went to a park by the river and there was a huge slide we went down. Good times all around.

There is a month in a nutshell. We'll try to do better next time at maybe spreading this out over the entire month instead of all at once.

Petit Jean (but mostly Steve)

Our Crazy Dog Friends

Trunk or Treat for real

Cass' Birthday...Oct 18...Yeah a little late.