Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sunday, August 03, 2008

God Is Good

It is such an amazing feeling to know that God is here at camp. I understand that God is everywhere so that's why I said "to know" because here at camp we try to take away as much of the world as we can and just listen to God. It is so amazing what he says too. I pray that as camp comes to a close I will still be able to hear God through out my daily life. This place is a wonderful and I'm thankful to be able to be a part of this. Here are a few more pictures. Can't wait to see everyone in WV in a week!!!

Cass and I went to the Wife Life Center in Gray and I was able to see my first Maine Moose! Okay so it was a cheap way to see one and I still want to see one in the wild but hey you take what you can get.

Big Black Bear. I have seen one of these in WV.

Dad saw 3 of these in Colorado

Baby fawn....Cass actually was petting him. We also saw some "big bucks" but they were to far off for pictures.

This is a white (obviously) large mouth bass. 22 inches and only 2 lbs. He was very sick and I'm afraid there might be a disease going around because he is the second one like that we've seen this summer.

Here is James and Noah Clark. James caught this 3lb 18inch bass on a banjo minnow frog. See they really do work!!!! Sorry Uncle Peter, I think this one might be even bigger. One really quick funny story about this catch was that after james hooked the fish it ran under the canoe so Noah looked on the other side to see where it was and out of no where the fish jumped eye level with Noah, no more that 2 feet from his face. He jumped back and said "OH NO NO. I DON"T WANT THAT THING IN HERE!" Good fish, great story.

For those of you that are wondering where all on my big fish are at I need to let you know something. God blessed me last year with a ton of big big fish here at camp and I have the pictures to prove it so I have officially turned in to the camp guide. I bring people out to the spots and help them catch these fish, and I'll tell you what I honestly could do this the rest of my life! I have so much fun watching people catch monster bass when they may have never caught anything bigger that a 3 inch blue gill. I might look in to guiding Raymond Pond after I retire. I've got some time to think about that.

We love you all!!