Saturday, December 13, 2008

Funniest Story You Have Ever Heard!!!!!!

Please take a second to prepare yourself for the funniest story you have ever heard!

In this crazy world it fairly common to think the worst of people. I also think that movies did not help this situation.

Cassandra left the house today around 2 PM to go shopping with her mother. I went hunting around 2:15 PM and Steve laid down in front of our great christmas shrub around 2:16 PM. Cassandra bought a pair of jeans and I saw 5 deer, all does, and steve slept. Uneventful, I know, until...
I got home around 5:45 PM, without a deer, and there was a package on our porch. I walked up an noticed that there was no address on it. I looked closer and something that looked like sawdust was coming out of the bottom. I look all around and the package was totally unmarked. I grabbed steve and took him out to pee. While I was out there I called Cass and she talk to her mom who relayed it to her dad who ask a few more questions. After some debate we decided that we pay taxes so why not reap the benefits and call the Maumelle Police. PS They pulled Cass over the other say so I think they already hated us. Well one guy came out and we talked to him for a while and he looked at it and didn't feel comfortable about it so he called the Fire Department and thats when it all took off. They came flying with their lights on and guns a blazing. One guy came out and put on gloves and began looking around this suspicious package.

Let me recap for you. Package, police, firemen, and cass and I thinking how crazy this is and how out of hand this has gotten.

The firemen told us a story about how in California a guy took a package into a bank and it blew up so we should be safe here and call the Chief of Police. Yeah not kidding. So it took him a while to get there and we all sat around and talked about police stuff. Finally he got there and asked us questions about if we made anyone mad recently or if we are part of PEDA or abortion clinics and we said no. Then he asked what we did for a living and if that would upset anyone and I said my job was to fix that and her job was to help the good guys out. So he backed everyone up to the street and grabbed a knife and did what I should have done 30 minutes before. He walked up there and cut that thing open, which took a while, then turned around and said "Girl Scout Cookies", then walked away. I didn't understand either. So we walked up there and looked in and saw cookie like things and we picked them up and cass actually took a small bite. We look closer and they had paw prints on them and we came to the conclusion that someone brought steve some treats. So police x 3, firemen x 2, Chief of Police x 1, by-standers x 3 and a ton of cookies. We apologized to them and they left. No big boom, just a happy dog.

What we have decided happened was this.... when cassandra had her yard sale a nice man wanting something but didn't have any money. He asked to trade some dog treats for it because he saw we had a dog. Cass was happy about that and since then we have seen small gourmet cookies show up in nice packaging on our side porch. We think he got some extra scraps and gave them all to us. Thanks dog treat guy! HAHAHA! Good times.

Here is the BOMB!

Fire Truck!

Fire Truck AGAIN!

Firemen and Policemen getting ready to be blown up by the cookie BOMB!

Here are the ingredients for a crazy BOMB!

See the paw prints? Sorry everyone....we watch to many movies.

Side story: One of the policemen that came was the same one that pulled cass over the other day and he was scared and hiding behind a tree, plus his fly was down, so there jerk. Now we're even.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oh Christmas Shrub, Oh Christmas Shrub how spindly are your branches...

It's Christmas time at the Haugh's! Our thoughts are, why pay $50 for a tree when God gave us all this ground to go find one ourselves. This has already become a tradition in our little family, and I think we all know how serious traditions can get. At the bottom of the tree you can see our little singing penguins that Grandmomi got for us. They are fun!

Our Shrub

Front view of the Shrub

This is the mantel above our fireplace. Cassandra made the ice sickles from sticks in the yard.

The whole fireplace and Ice sickles

Now this is one of the best pictures...what a good boy!

Yet another of our lovely puppy.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Best Commercial Ever! I could watch this 100 times I think.