Thursday, November 29, 2007

Casa De Esperanza

SIGMA is holding a fundraiser for "Casa De Esperanza," a Christian home for orphaned children in Honduras. Here is the website... We are doing a push-up challenge. Zach and I are expected to do as many push-ups as we can in 5 minutes. We are accepting $0.10 for every push-up we can do in 5 minutes which would come out to like 500 million bazillion dollars for me. So, be careful when you bet on these guns, baby. Bigger donations can go to Zach's wimpie arms. :) We would really love it if you guys could pledge a few cents per push-up to support us in sending money to "Casa De Esperanza" or "House of Hope." Thanks you guys!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tanner's Jonesboro Fire Station Birthday

"Gick" and Tanner right after we got to the fire station.

Tanner learned to "Stop, drop, and roll."

Tanner in his fire chief hat in front of the fire engine.

Easton getting "tickles" from his Nana.

Oh, hello Easton.

All right kiddo, gettin' a little grabby.

See the grabby?

Silly Pap.

Baby Easton and Pap. Look at all his teeth!

He is a crawling machine!

Mommy lighting Tanner's birthday candles.

Tanner blowing out his THREE candles.

Black icing from his fire truck cake.

Love you, Kiddo. Sooooo glad I could be there AND I can't wait to see you here in West Virgina this weekend!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Tanner Pants!!!

I'm so excited about coming to your Fire Station Birthday Party on Saturday. We love you so much! Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sometimes I feel like an artist

These are the 4 photos Zach got me while we were in Portland on our anniversarry...It was our paper anniversarry and Zach knows I have a passion for photography. He's so sweet and I was really impressed by how thoughtful he was.

This is our coffee table...the one that I painted about 6 different times since I was in high school. I stripped ALL the paint and sanded it for days...then, stained it this beautiful walnut color. I LOVE it!

More to come...the computer is going soooooo slow.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Videos

Tiffany just talked me through the steps of how to put a video on our blog so now you all have suffer through the videos I'm going to put on here.....

There are clips of me doing all of the elements on the challenge course with out coming down. Sorry for the quality but I hope you can tell whats going on.

The Disks
Uploaded by zhaugh

This is the first element called the Disks. You can either sit on the disks or stand. I find it easier to stand.

Cat Walk
Uploaded by zhaugh

The next element is called the catwalk or the log. This is the easiest and hardest one we have. I had the most trouble with this element as you can tell.

After the cat walk there is the pirates cross. This gets hard right in the middle.

Uploaded by zhaugh

This element is called the vines where you have three ropes hanging at different lengths so you really have to reach out far to grab the next rope and to move on. You're not really supposed to swing like I did but I thought it would be fun to try.

Vines 2
Uploaded by zhaugh

This is actually how you are supposed to cross the vines.

Vines 3
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I have already completed all of the elements at this point and the only way down is to fall so I thought that I would try something that is vertually impossible. I wanted to walk the wire without using the ropes. As you can see I didn't make it very far.

These are the kinds of things that Cassandra and I have been doing all summer...aren't we the luckiest!

Here are some Videos of the Aquarium

Pretty Fish
Uploaded by zhaugh

Uploaded by zhaugh

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Boston Anniversarry

It has been one full year since Cassandra and I "tied the knot". August 5th of last year was the best day of my life followed by August 5th of this year. We started out in Wheeling WV at 4:30AM and left Pitts PA around 6:30AM. We flew to Philly PA for an hour lay over followed by a request from the airport for anyone that could help becuase they over booked the flight. Cassandra and I helped and after all of the computer work was done the man behind the desk looked up and said you'll be leaving for new york right now. If you've ever seen Home Alone (the first one) the scene where the family is running to catch their flight and the "Run Run Rudolph" song is playing...yeah that was Cassandra and I. We made our flight just in time and stayed in New York for an hour before making it to Portland ME. We then went to some art galleries and purchased so pretty local artwork and then down to York ME to stop at my favorite candy store, $7.99 for a pound. Then we made it to our Hotel in Lowell, MA got up the next morning and got on the train to Boston. We stayed in Boston and had so much fun (despite the rain). We went to shops and then to the Aquarium (the pics are below) and to an IMAX movie and finally to Finway Park. Here are some pictures of our Boston trip...there are more stories that we can tell you all when we get to see each other.

Now there is a good lookin couple. That is Boston behind us.

Zach the Navigator

IMAX!!! It was Sweet. We watched Dinosaurs the coolest 3-D Movie ever. Yeah thats right 3-D. Cassandra was jumping out of her seat when the T-Rex snapped at her.

The Subway or for the Boston people the "T"

Finway Park.....It was Sweet!!!

We really loved Boston and the entire trip...we felt like jet-setters flying everywhere and staying in Boston. We miss you all and we can't wait to see you soon.

New England Aquarium

This is the trip that Cassandra and I took to the Aquarium in Boston and it was sweet. These are just some cool pics from our adventure. They were all taken with the camera on my phone so sorry if the quality is less than par.

The Boston Aquarium

Our Friendly Seals were the first thing we saw

Sweet Jellies...Cass was so impressed with these jellies, they are made up for 95% water.

Little Pinguens... this was a pretty cool display

A Couple Frogs for Tanner

Two Snakes for Tiff

Sea Horse

Cass' pretty Star Fish

Cassandra Holding this "thing"

Brook Trout and Salmon for Dad

Albino Lobsta'

There is a fish in there

Cassanrda at the top of the huge tank

Sea Turtle

Puffer Fish

Big Yellow/Green Eel

Cassandra's Shark Head. This was in the Gift Shop in front of everyone....I was so embaressed....just kidding.